2014 Testimonials

Thank you so much to you and the core volunteer group for organizing a beautiful event.  It was a huge undertaking, and I give you an “A”!!!!!   I was enriched and encouraged.  Please put me on the list to help with the next Women’s Conference.   I hope you can rest and relax a little now.
>  Christine

I hope you’re recovering from the hard work you did for the Saturday Women’s Conference I just wanted to thank you for involving me in such a worthwhile mission. I thought the day was very inspiring and heard many nice comments…it’s good to be refreshed spiritually in such a unifying way with kindred women from all over the diocese. Thank you and the team for all of your efforts…I believe it was very fruitful and will continue to energize the women throughout the year. God bless and thanks,
> Deb

What an AWESOME event, I only heard positive comments from the participants.  They were amazed with the thought and planning that went into the event to run so smoothly. I just wanted to add to those comments my own, you all did a FANTASTIC job, a big pat on the back to the leadership of the event.  You all were so AMAZING.  You know when you work for Jesus, the retirement benefits are awesome!!  You forever changed the hearts of many on Saturday.  The Holy Spirit was in the house. . . . One comment I heard over was that the Bishop was there the whole day. . . I heard that as I was leaving the event following women to the parking garage. . .  The women loved Sonya and all the speakers, their messages reached the ears of eager women. .. .  I was watching all those women going to confession as I was waiting in line to go, and I realized they were leaving their sins on the stage, they were all wiped clean by His love and forgiveness. I never saw anything like it before in my life, all pouring out their sins and being forgiven with love and compassion by priests that wanted to be there for all of us (so many wonderful priests volunteering for us).  AMAZING! I have made a Cursillo and worked several (and went to women’s conferences before) and have never seen such a wonderful participation of reconciliation before.  That theatre was Holy Ground on Saturday and those serving were using their Holy Hands and Holy Lips.   Also, communion went so smoothly, think about how many women (over 900) went to communion in like 15-20 minutes.  They all received Him into their bodies, WOW!  I loved helping out and will definitely volunteer again next year in any capacity needed.
> Lily

I hope today I had a whisper of an introduction to the god-blessed team who orchestrated and executed this sensational day; I was inspired, healed, reconciled, and hugged, by our loving God. The speakers were outstanding.  I have heard of Fr. Larry’s engaging talks.  Today I savored.  I have been a parish gypsy and feel drawn to join the “Bread of Life.” The music, prayer, fellowship, lessons, love and holy veil that enveloped the entire day…are tattooed on my heart.   Please pay my love forward to every voice and hand that made today possible.  I want to join you in next year’s preparations.!! 0Thank you from every beat of my heart!! Thank You, Love You, and God Bless You! God is loving your ministry….how can I contribute?
> Jodi

Very FINE job Ladies!!Praise God for His grace and mercy this day!!!Everything went well.God bless you for your generous hearts of love and service to the King of Kings. Peace in Christ+MLF

Thank you for an amazing day. Please post the date for next year…God bless all the amazing people that made this event happen.
> Jane

I was very touch and moved emotionally and spiritually at the Women’s Conference. I enjoyed the speakers and also the time for confession. The food was also very good. It brought me closer to God and I needed to be closer to him. He gets me through a lot of bad times and I know he will be with me in the future.
> Marie