Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long will the day be?

A: Registration begins at 8:00 AM in the Our Lady of Peace Gym. Ceremonies begin at 9:00 AM in the church.  The day concludes with mass ending at 3:30 PM.

Q: Is there parking available?

A:  There is FREE parking available in the various areas surrounding the church.


Q: Is there lodging nearby to stay the night before?

A:  The Sheraton Hotel located on Erie’s Bayfront is one of Erie’s newest hotels located at:

55 W Bay Road
Erie, PA  16507
Find the Sheraton on the web here.
Additional accommodations can be found at the Visit Erie Website.

Q: Do you need to be Catholic to attend?

A: No, you do not need to be Catholic to attend. All women of Faith are welcome to attend. This is a Catholic event and the practice of our Faith will be experienced but women of all Faith can participate fully.

Q: Is there anything that I need to bring?

A: An open heart and willingness to listen and discern where you are in your life is the most important thing to bring. God will provide the rest. A pen or pencil and notebook may be helpful for jotting down notes and inspirational verses that touched your life in some way.

Q: Will there be any opportunity to purchase memorabilia of the event?

A:  There will be tote bags, scarves, notecards, necklaces and bracelets available for sale the day of the event at the 1:38 Women’s Table.   If you would like to order one prior to the conference, please click HERE and you will be redirected to The Reason For Our Hope Foundation Website which is a secure website.

Additional vendor tables representing various faith related organizations, and vendors with  jewelry and miscellaneous items will also be available on the day of the event.  Please note that most of the vendors do not take debit/credit cards, so you may want to have cash with you in case you decide to make any purchases!

Q: Can I buy tickets in advance and then give them out to Women that I would like to invite?

A: Yes, pre-purchase of tickets will be available. Anyone interested in purchasing bulk tickets for distribution would need to fill out one completed MAIL IN application form and indicate on the form the number of tickets you are purchasing for the event. Payment will need to be sent in with the completed registration form to the mailing address listed on the registration page. Our registration committee will mail ticket stubs to the person who ordered the bulk tickets and the person who filled out the registration form and receives the tickets would be responsible to distribute those tickets to the Women that need encouragement to attend. NOTE: Pre-purchase of a bulk order of tickets can only be accomplished using the mail in registration form and cannot be completed using the on line registration form.

Q: Will tickets be available to purchase at the door?

A: Yes, tickets will be available for purchase the day of the event. All are welcome. We encourage everyone to pray about attending this dynamic experience of God’s Love for each of us.

Q: Will there be assigned Seating at the event?

A: No, there is no assigned seating.

Q: Does each person who is going to attend need to complete an On Line registration form?

A: We would appreciate if each person attending the event would complete an on-line registration form. We understand that if someone is going to pre-buy a bulk order of tickets to give away to those Women that need to attend or are in need of some help, then the opportunity to complete an on-line registration form for each of those attendees isn’t possible. Our goal is to try and have some record of as many women as possible who are going to attend the event. Any woman who arrives with a ticket the day of the event will be given the opportunity to register in person at that time.

Q: Should I bring a Bible?

A: A bible is a very handy thing to have with you for the presentations from our speakers. Many times during their talks, they will make reference to bible and scripture verses. Having a bible with you allows you to make a quick reference to a particular verse and maybe underline that verse for later reflection. Some of the speakers will ask out loud how many women have a bible with them and will ask you to go to a verse while the speaker waits! So, yes bringing a Bible would be a very good thing!

Q: Regarding vendor table staffing and arrangement, what is the limitation and expectation for vendor table staffing and what involvement in the conference will the vendor staffers have if any.

A: Each vendor table is 8′ long with a skirt and (2) chairs provided. There should enough room for (2) people to comfortably sit at the table. The staffing of the table is not required by the conference. It would be the decision of each vendor if they want to staff the table for the conference.

Female staffers of vendor tables are welcome to attend the conference. Each staff person of a vendor table that is a female and would want to attend the conference would need to register and pay the registration fees prior to the deadline as noted on the website. We will not be able to accommodate any guests at the conference due to limited seating, so there should be no expectation of staffers of vendor tables to be able to attend the conference unless they are registered for the conference. This is a women’s conference, so our attendees to the conference is limited to women. If a vendor would be staffing their table with male workers or volunteers that arrangement would work fine since the vendor tables will be located in Our Lady of Peace gym.

There is no lunch provided for vendors. If the vendors would like to purchase a boxed lunch from the conference, prices can be quoted to the vendor for that lunch. An anticipated price for the box lunch with a soda would be an approximate $10.00 additional charge.